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For 25 years Aikenhead & Associates have inspired and been inspired by the opportunities in the environment around us, no matter where on Earth - there is always a presence with which Humans can connect to the Land, the Eden that is this Ocean Planet...

Whether a half day garden visit or an expedition to a large remote estate site - consultations provide design inspirations and environmental assessments that help identify micro-climates, existing plant populations and their values, and cost saving solutions to creating a landscape transformation that satisfies the requirements of your Project and your neighborhood.

Designing, Installing and tending to details - garden niches and micro environments, all weather conditions, all locales, all styles - each new Landscape is an exciting challenge and opportunity to work with our Clients and Nature to re-create an Oasis of beauty and peace in our busy world.

Recently, Stephen Aikenhead has re-entered into the Marine Mammal art scene again, creating new whale art and whale sculptures.

All Sculpture dimensions, prices, and details are available on request...

Please contact me at, or 416-970-0685.